Cantilever Platform CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Our cantilever platform CNC waterjet cutting machine has received two patents, with the patent number of ZL200820205793.0 and ZL200820205793.0 respectively. The former one refers to the long-screw aligning system, which is developed to keep the straightness of ball-screw and reduce the load of servomotor. In addition, the nut drive ball-screw design eliminates the resonance and sloshing due to high speed rotation of ball-screw, thus ensuring high speed cutting with good stability.

This cantilever type CNC waterjet cutter is designed with multipoint lubricating system for smooth cutting, as it can lubricate every moving joint of the cutting platform. It is also available with optional pneumatic water level control system, for noiseless operation and minimal spattering when cutting underwater. Due to the unique dustproof and waterproof design, all motion parts to be tightly protected against abrasive dust and splashing water.

The cutting head of the cantilever platform CNC waterjet cutting machine can tilt +/-60 degrees in X direction, thereby widening the cutting range. Because of the ultra-high strength support, the cutting head can operate stably with no vibration. All the Switzerland imported crash-resistant proximity switches ensure reliable working of the cutter. The all-stainless steel casing is processed with high strength and good corrosion resistance, allowing the machine to work as the new one in a very long period of time.

Our CNC waterjet cutting machine is mainly composed of a cantilever type cutting platform, which has large cantilever span, wide cutting range and precise CNC control. With strong cutting capacity, the machine is able to provide accurate metal cutting services. According to the size of the object to be cut, this series includes a number of different types of machines, each with different X and Y axes length, as well as cutting range.

For example, TK-Trump-C0608 has an X-axis length of 900 mm, Y-axis length of 700 mm long, with the effective cutting range of 800 mm and 600 mm respectively. This type of cutter is relatively small, and is suitable for cutting small items. In addition, the X-axis and Y-axis length of TK-Trump-C1830 is 1900 mm and 3100 mm. With the effective cutting range reaching up to 1800 mm and 3000 mm, this type of cutting machine can conduct precise cutting for large goods.

Teenking is an experienced cantilever CNC waterjet cutting platform manufacturer based in China. Our products include gantry platform CNC water jet cutter, water jet cutting machine chiller, 5 axis tilted waterjet cutting system, and more.

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