Water Jet Cutting Ultra High Pressure System

Water Jet Cutting Ultra High Pressure System

Our water jet cutting ultra high pressure system adopts USA SUNNY Company high-efficiency and high-precision electro-hydraulic reversing valve which can achieve noiseless reversing through minimizing the hydraulic impact by reversing. The valve also helps to maintain continuous stable pressure, thus ensuring smooth cut surface.

The original magnetic sensor imported from American is coordinated with a fine grinding grade reversing excitation component to ensure accurate reversing, thereby eliminating the occasional phenomenon of discontinuously high pressure output caused by reversing failure. Hence, each work piece can be well processed.

Technical Specifications
TKW series ultra-high pressure system
model TKW420 series
drive mode
drive mode hydraulic drive
pressurized method intensifier type
main performance technical parameters
quantity of pressure intensifier (set) 1
capacity of energy accumulator (L) 1
maximal pressure 420MPa/60000psi
working pressure 350 ~ 380MPa / 50000 ~ 55000psi
maximal flow rate 3.7L /min
maximal diameter of nozzle 0.35mm /0.014"
power 37kw/50HP
pressure ratio oil: water=1:20
pressure of hydraulic system 0-215 bar
hydraulic oil pump Liyuan A10v series Tele-control auto-variable pressure constant hydraulic pump maximal flow of 100L/min
oil for hydraulic system anti-wear hydraulic oil: 46# (15-35℃ ambient temperature)
optimal working oil temperature 25℃~50℃
requirement for power supply three-phase, 380V AC, 500Hz, 80A (others on request)
water preprocessor Embedded, 0.1μm filtering precision, softened by adding resin
optimal inlet water pressure 0.2 ~ 0.6MPa, embedded with an automatic pressure water pump and a water pressure stabilizer

1. The water preprocessor with high filtering precision is used to treat water with the water quality up to 0.05 microns and soften it by adding resin. This effectively extends the service life of the high pressure pump and wearing parts, thus effectively reducing the cost of cutting
2. Due to the large oil accumulator, the oil pressure and high pressure water output are stabilized, leaving a smooth cut.
3. The hydraulic relief valve of the water jet cutting ultra high pressure system provides protection against accidental over high hydraulic pressure.
4. The internal failure detector can accurately predict the maintenance time of the check valve, and prevent high pressure sealing ring and other critical parts from being damaged by high-temperature and high-pressure water.
5. The inlet water accumulator offers provision of optimal inlet water pressure for the high pressure pump when the tap water pressure fluctuates violently or comes at an extremely low point.
6. Because of the inlet water pressure monitoring gauge, the replacement time of the water filter can be accurately predicted, as the inlet water pressure before filtering and after filtering can be observed visually.
7. The high-efficiency Rexroth type LIYUAN A-10v TELE-control hydraulic auto-variable oil pump can generate up to 315 bar pressure. It outputs stable oil pressure, and makes no noise during running. The maintenance-free time of the oil pump is more than five years once the quality of hydraulic oil is guaranteed.
8. The water jet cutting ultra high pressure system is available with a unique double pressure system composed of a high pressure and a low pressure. This enables our water jet cutter to first cut friable materials by using low pressure, and then shift to high pressure to realize high speed cutting.
9. The customized Siemens 50-horsepower (37KW) motor provides stable and continuous working power for the waterjets with no noise.
10. The optional single high-efficiency air cooling oil radiator is used to reduce the oil temperature to achieve optimal working temperature.

The high-pressure waterjet cutting machine is capable of cutting a variety of materials, coming with the characteristics of safe operation, environmental protection, low cost, and high efficiency. As the provider of water jet cutting pressure, the high pressure pump plays a very important role in the water jet cutting system. Our TKW-420 series ultra high pressure system achieves a working pressure of 350 to 380MPa, with the maximum pressure reaching 420MPa. It has a maximum flow rate of 3.7 liters per minute and a maximal nozzle diameter of 0.35mm. With advanced processing techniques and components, this product has been well received by customers.

As a specialized water jet cutting ultra high pressure system manufacturer in China, Teenking also offers KMT water jet cutting high pressure pump, water jet fan cooling system, gantry platform CNC water jet cutter, and more.

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