KMT Water Jet Cutting High Pressure Pump

KMT Water Jet Cutting High Pressure Pump

The KMT water jet cutting high pressure pump comes with high efficiency, high practicality, high bearing capacity and high cost performance. It is suitable for cutting any materials, not like pure water jet cutting that is only applicable to soft material, or abrasive cutting just for extremely-hard or friable material.

1. The standard JETLINE™ high pressure pump for water jet cutting is equipped with an integrated heat exchanger, so that it can be easily connected to the cooling water supply system.
2. It adopts high-reliability soft sealing end cover (SSEC) pressure intensifier, which is usually referred to as the heart of the product.
3. This equipment contains only few wearing parts with long service life. This saves cost and downtime, thus making it very important for multi-shift production.
4. It is equipped with the Siemens PLC to ensure high safety and high reliability. Useful information regarding the running state and failure of the pump can be given through the four-row display. Due to this embedded intelligent control system, the operator can easily perform proper maintenance.
5. Each water jet cutting high pressure pump is provided with a star-delta starter to ensure high starting efficiency of motor and avoid the impact of voltage peak on energy consumption. Hence, the power system won't bear unnecessary high load.
6. According to the requirements of users, the equipment can be independently operated or integrated into the control system of the entire device. The information of the four-row display can be transmitted to a control console.

As the driving component of the water jet equipment, our KMT water jet cutting pressure pump is provided with multiple devices in order to ensure efficient work. For example, the inlet water pressure monitoring gauge is able to visually display the water pressure before and after filtering, so as to accurately predict the replacement time of water filter. The efficient and sophisticated Sunny electro-hydraulic valve can maintain continuous and steady pressure to ensure smooth cutting surface. The unique dual pressure system is especially designed for the cutting of glass and other fragile materials, as it allows for low pressure piercing and high-pressure cutting. Therefore, the pump is now widely used in a variety of waterjet cutting projects.

We are a professional KMT water jet cutting high pressure pump manufacturer in China. We also provide waterjet cutting control system, waterjet drilling machine, gantry platform CNC water jet cutter, double water jet cutting heads, and much more.

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