Waterjet Cutting Control System

Waterjet Cutting Control System

The waterjet cutting control system comes with attractive appearance, simple shape and multiple functions. All electric elements are purchased from world-class brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Omoron, etc. In addition, the product is produced combined with our over eight years experience in this field and has obtained CE and TUV certificate, thus ensuring high working reliability. The system uses a clear and simple control panel, which has no excessive keys and prevents water, dust and rust.

Based on
TEENKING NC-Studio® water-jet cutting expert (with free update) / Windows XP
Computer configuration ISA computer (industrial professional computer), with "BENQ" LCD screen, DVD,USB,810A ISA main-board, Pentium4-2.6GHzG EMS memory
Suitable file format dxf. nce. nc. cnc. eng. plt. G-code etc.
Matched H/P
KMT, Accustream, FLOW, etc.(others on request)

The side of the control cabinet is provided with a pulse generator and a remote control keyboard. The signal generator allows the user to select the X-axis, or Y-axis, or Z-axis to perform single-axis fixed length running, and then choose from 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10 mm graduation. This allows the machine to run the set value of one length unit for each rotation of one graduation. The remote control keyboard can control hand-operated forward and inverse directions of X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, as well as starting, stop and pause of a program.

The front interior of the electric cabinet has simple circuit, with the motion of all control servomotors and the opening and closing of all valves are controlled by an integrated motion card. The servo driver and the relay for controlling valves are the only components that can be seen from the front. In addition, necessary wiring terminal blocks and a driver for controlling the flow rate of the abrasive valve are assembled in the back interior of the electric cabinet. A sealed waterproof door is also available.

1. The user just needs to choose material, thickness, and quality (20 grades), and then press "Start", the machine will automatically complete the subsequent work, and produce an ideal part.
2. 3-axis and 5-axis interlinking control allow the machine to perform 3D cutting.
3. The free editing software achieves simple pretreatment of programs, such as guiding line, cutting direction, cutting order, kerf compensation, etc.
4. The waterjet cutting control system achieves a high control precision of up to 0.001mm.
5. The automatic speed control ensures automatic speed distribution to optimize cutting details of corner, so as to reduce the stream lag and taper.
6. The double-pressure system control allows for low pressure piercing and high pressure cutting, thus ensuring good cutting quality of breakable material.
7. This waterjet cutting control system provides comprehensive protection, such as protection against water inlet and air pressure, overhigh pressure, fast shifting, overheat, overload current, check valve failure, soft limit and hard limit on head traveling range, etc.
8. The software can find the breakpoint to continue running after power off, with the precision controlled by an original Switzerland positioning sensor.
9. The ball screw wears due to long term running. This can be compensated by setting wear loss parameters.
10. Due to the automatic abrasive feeder, the feeding quantity of abrasive can be stably distributed to ensure cutting smoothness and save abrasive consumption.
11. The optional automatic water level control makes underwater cutting possible, resulting in no noise and no dust during cutting.

A variety of functional components constitute the "body" of the water cutting equipment, while our waterjet cutting control system like the human brain completes the manipulation of the "body". This control system uses stainless steel panel as the shell and plexiglass protective cover for the display, as well as a waterproof keyboard. The system is applied to Windows XP operating system and has easy access to free and automatic upgrade. In addition, it is extremely simple to operate, as the user only needs to press the start button, the machine will automatically complete the relevant work. Users can also set the specific functions of the entire system according to their actual demands.

Teenking is a specialized waterjet cutting control system manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides 5 axis tilted waterjet cutting system, water jet fan cooling system, cantilever CNC waterjet cutting platform, and more.

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