Waterjet Drilling Machine

Waterjet Drilling Machine

The waterjet drilling machine has diverse operating functions. Users can choose operate the cutting head or drilling head manually, or conduct water cutting and drilling work automatically according to the special program. It comes with a maximum drilling diameter of 10mm. The pneumatic drilling head utilized in the water jet cutter allows the sensitive materials to be pierced prior to cutting, so as to expand the cutting capabilities of the cutting machine. It can also be used for reaming holes to a precise diameter. Hence, it can meet any drill works in water jet cutting system.

This waterjet drilling machine with full modular design is constructed with hardened alloy steel components, full bearing support, chrome-plated feed tube and chemically treated steel components, corrosion-resistant cylinder wall, flexible bellows cover. It is composed of high efficiency air motor, changeable motor restrictor, self-lubricating double-acting cylinder with U cup seals, as well as independent or combined air supply ports for the air motor and cylinder. This machine also comes with built-in soft start, internal noise reduction, anti-drop mechanism, automatic return valve and 1/4-inch stainless steel drill chuck.

Air supply requirements: 27 cfm at 100 psi
Control voltage: 24VDC
Drill thrust: 140 lbs at 85 psi
Drill feed rate: 0-12inches/second max - advance and retract
Lubrication: Airline and gear train required
Stroke range: 5/16" to 3"
Noise operating levels: Below 83dba

Teenking is a professional waterjet drilling machine manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including waterjet grinding machine, waterjet cutting control system, gantry CNC waterjet cutting machine, and more.

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