Auto-Abrasive Water Jet Delivery System

Auto-Abrasive Water Jet Delivery System

Our auto-abrasive water jet delivery system is used to control the consumption of abrasive, which is the main source of cutting cost. The optimal feeding quantity of abrasive helps to ensure successful cutting of a water jet cutter. According to an authoritative survey, abrasive instead of high pressure water provides more than 85% of cutting power. Hence, we continue to improve the cutting power and abrasive utilization.

Generally, the cutting power of abrasive is influenced by two major factors, water pressure and flow rate. As the carrier of abrasive, higher pressure water usually provides bigger cutting power, so we increase the water pressure to 380mpa or above. In addition, we also increase the horsepower of pumps and the diameter of nozzles to obtain larger flow rate of high pressure water and higher cutting power of abrasive.

The reason why high pressure water with large flow rate can increase the cutting force of abrasive is that it can supply more abrasive for cutting head. However, too much abrasive accumulated will plug the mixing tube, which brings about abrasive waste and reduced cutting speed. While small quantity of abrasive will greatly slow the cutting speed and increase the dependence of cutting on high pressure water. This may cause wear and tear of high pressure pumps.

Our auto-abrasive water jet delivery system comes with a capacity of 100L and 200L, which means that it can load 120kg and 250kg of abrasive respectively. It is provided with an abrasive empty alarm device that can give sound and light alert. An automatic air-water separator, an air pressure regulator and an over-high air pressure relief safety device are also available. This system helps to improve the cutting efficiency, reduce the feeding labor, and stabilize the feeding process of abrasive.

This equipment is easy to operate and has high cost performance. It can support 24-hour continuous working with two independent cutting heads. It is able to supply extremely accurate abrasive quantity to ensure efficient cutting of a water jet cutting machine. The system also helps to solve the troubles of abrasive blockage as the computer is accurate in coordinating with the discharging time of abrasive.

The automatic abrasive delivery system works when the computer sends pulses to control the stepping motor for generation of rotating speed required. Then the stepping motor drives the abrasive feeding wheel to uniformly rotate with different speeds to achieve control of abrasive quantity. There are two ways to control the quantity of abrasive. One is to control the feeding rate of "abrasive valve control" on the computer. The other is to directly compile the information of the abrasive quantity (rotating speed) into the program.

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