Teenking CNC Waterjet Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of waterjet cutting equipment based in China. Our company provides products such as the 5 axis tilted waterjet cutting system as well as the gantry or cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine. In addition, we offer a complete line of optional accessories, such as the chiller, air dryer, fan cooling system, double cutting heads, auto-abrasive delivery system, etc. Our precision cutting instruments can be used on a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, stone, and steel. With a performance to price ratio that surpasses all domestic competition, our machines are on par with the most well known international brands. We have exported to Australia, Europe, Russia, North America, South America, and Saudi Arabia, among other countries and regions.

Established in 2004, Teenking has since provided clients with a wide range of tailor fitted cutting solutions. It is our prerogative to provide clients with the highest quality products and services. As an advocate of innovation, we are constantly seeking to incorporate new and advanced technology into our robust line up. Our dedicated research and development team is tasked with product performance enhancement and efficiency evaluation. The Teenking multifunctional waterjet cutting machine is equipped with a TKW420 ultrahigh pressure cutting system capable of achieving a max pressure of up to 420MPA-60000psi. Its outstanding working performance either meets or exceeds all relevant international standards. The Teenking TKW420 double pressure system is capable of both high pressure cutting and low pressure piercing. The low pressure setting can safely operate on friable materials while the high pressure setting can maximize cutting efficiency. According to statistics provided by American Flow, over 80% of the problems encountered by water jets stem from high pressure system failure. This is precisely why all of our key components are imported from well known international brands. We wish to ensure the stability and reliability of our systems so that they may serve you more faithfully.

When utilized for the cutting of extremely hard materials, a mix of water and abrasive is necessary. Technically, the cost of abrasives is the limiting factor and effective control of this expense is essential for the reduction of overall production costs. Our patented CNC abrasive feeder is designed for the automatic calibration and distribution of abrasives required for precise cutting operations. This function saves abrasives, maximizes cutting efficiency, and improves productivity. Automatic contraptions provided by our company include the abrasive feeding system, water cooling system, sludge removal system, etc. We also offer an intelligent double-head cutting system, designed to accelerate production efficiency. The heads execute predefined distance and height parameters to accurately facilitate simultaneous cutting. When only one head is selected, its counterpart automatically shuts down and falls into the default safety position. It is possible to augment our waterjets with engraving heads for hybrid operations.

2004 the independent research and development of products was initiated.
2005 waterjet cutting machines were sold and distributed.
2007 our specialization in waterjet cutting equipment became official.
2009 new technologies were continuously developed.
2010 our unique waterjet cutting machines became patented.
2011 production facilities were relocated.

Main Products
  • Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the auto abrasive delivery system, which has high a capacity of 100L or 200L and automatically supplies the abrasive for the cutting head.
    The fan cooling system is used to reduce the oil temperature to ensure normal operation of the water jet cutter.
    The chiller is used instead of fan cooling system to lower the inlet water temperature.
  • Gantry Platform CNC Water Jet Cutter The gantry platform CNC water jet cutter is available with a multipoint lubricating system, which is used to lubricate every moving joint of the TKW-CNC cutting platform, thus ensuring smooth cutting.
    The unique revolving dustproof design effectively protects the interior of the CNC cutting platform. This also helps prevent entry of abrasive dust and splashing water, so as to guarantee long service life of all moving parts.