A waterjet cutter is mainly made up of a CNC cutting platform and a high pressure pump. The two components are available in different types, and they can be freely combined.
While selecting the CNC cutting platform, customers have to take the following factors into consideration:

1. The Structure
According to the drive method of the transverse beam, the CNC cutting platform is classified into the cantilever type and the gantry type.
As we all know, the CNC cutting platform supports cutting varied shapes on workpieces by control the cutting head to move on the two axes (X- and Y-axis). The X axis is the transverse one at the top and the Y axis is the longitudinal one at the bottom. For the purpose of precision control, the two axes are driven by a linear guideway and a ball screw.

(1) Brief introduction of cantilever platform
This kind of CNC cutting platform has only one X axis which is above the only one Y axis. The X axis is designed with a counterweight device to balance the weight.
One of the disadvantages of cantilever platform style waterjet cutting machine is that when the cutting head runs closer to the end of the cantilever, the higher vibration will be generated during cutting. This will largely affect the cutting surface quality and cutting precision. Some experienced manufacturers may design the cantilever platform with larger size X axis so as to eliminate vibration. But heavy X axis may cause lagged response under high cutting speed conditions, and will also result in unqualified cutting of circular patterns.
The biggest advantage of the cantilever waterjet cutter is that it supports convenient loading and unloading of large sized workpieces, and its cost is lower than that of gantry platforms.

(2) Brief introduction of gantry platform
This platform is designed with one X axis and two totally same Y axes. Two ends of the X axis moves on the two Y axes respectively. This structure ensures flexible movement of the X axis, and avoids vibration even when the X axis moves to the ends of the Y axes. Thus, waterjet cutting machines with gantry CNC cutting platform offers higher cutting precision and higher cutting surface quality as well than machines with cantilever platform. However, gantry type equipment costs higher than cantilever type.
Teenking gantry waterjet cutting machinery offers cutting precision tolerance within ±0.05mm even when running at a very high speed.

2. The control system
If built with a good control system, the CNC cutting platform will enable even new users to achieve the dream of "creating high quality end products with very simple operation".
An desired control system shall be able to support cutting of varied materials with different thickness, and offer varied cutting quality options as well, so as to allow operators to achieve expected cutting results by making several simple choices.
Teenking waterjet cutting machine is available with such kind of control system.

3. The software
Pre-processing software is necessary to integrate the graphic programs designed by CAD and CAM as well as other related software, so as to obtain the desired cutting effect finally.
Teenking waterjet cutters are equipped with such like software - NC Editor. The software has versatile functions, and is easy to use. Additionally, it is provided to clients free of charge, and can be updated upon request as well.

4. The replaceability of parts
With regards to the selection of the CNC cutting platform, clients have to consider the access to system parts, as well as the technical supports from the manufacturer.
Teenking CNC cutting platforms are provided easy access to the parts, which will effectively improve cutting efficiency by reducing the downtime. Meanwhile, we offer timely technical support to help clients solve any problem.

5. The lubrication system
A good lubrication system will effectively extend the service life of moving parts.
With self lubrication system, our CNC cutting platform makes sure all lubrication points are lubricated, ensuring optimized lifespan of the machine.

6. Protection functions and safety designs
We recommend choosing cutting platforms with water- and dust-proof designs, so as to ensure high precision after long term use. Meanwhile, safety certificates for the controller and electrical system are necessary.
In addition to superior water and dust resistance performance, Teenking products have earned the CE certification by HTS, and have reached TUV certification standard as well.

7. Cutting effect
If the machine will be used to cut workpiece with uneven surface, the CNC cutting platform should be able to flexibly control the height of cutting head.
(1) Teenking CNC cutting platform is available with a three-axis control system, which supports free-setting and adjustment of the cutting head height. This cutting technology ensures good cutting effect for workpiece with uneven surface, and also offers users large space to do creative works.
(2) Additionally, Teenking cutting platform can be equipped with a 5-axis tilted waterjet cutting system to achieve complete vertical cutting, avoiding unqualified cutting commonly seen in conventional machines.

8. Noise level
If you don't want large noise and splash during cutting, we recommend choosing cutting platform with automatic water level control function.
Teenking product is designed with this function. When the waterjet cutting machine starts operation, the water level will be raised up to realize underwater cutting, which will effectively avoid noise generation, and reduce water splash.

9. Housing
Waterjet cutting platforms with stainless steel housing will ensure permanently new appearance even after long term use.

10. Compatibility with multiple cutting heads
A platform compatible with multiple cutting heads is provided with the capability to increase its cutting efficiency by multiple times.
The CNC cutting platform for our TKW-Trump50 and TKWs420 waterjet cutting machines are available with dual-cutting head. Simply by pressing a button, users can choose one or both of the cutting heads to operate, which ensures easy operation and high cutting efficiency as well.

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  • Auto-Abrasive Water Jet Delivery System Our auto-abrasive water jet delivery system is used to control the consumption of abrasive, which is the main source of cutting cost. The optimal feeding quantity of abrasive helps to ensure successful cutting of a water jet cutter. According to an authoritative survey, abrasive instead of high pressure water provides more than 85% of cutting power. Hence, we continue to improve the cutting power and abrasive utilization...