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Main Products
  • Water Jet Fan Cooling System The water jet fan cooling system can blow away the heat from oil through its heat exchange radiator, when the return oil of the hydraulic pump is directly input to the closed fan cooler. It is manufactured with high durability, as the return oil pressure of the hydraulic pump is very large. Hence, a check valve is added to effectively protect the system from damaged due to the peak pressure...
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine Chiller Our water jet cutting machine chiller is used to cool the hydraulic system of intensifier, making our water jet cutter especially available in hot environment such as the Middle East and desert regions. Through regular check of the cooling liquid and replacement every 12 months, the hydraulic pump can enjoy maximal cooling efficiency and long service life. During working, the electric power consumption is 3 kilowatt, including that of the compressor and water circulation pump...