With regard to the cost of an abrasive waterjet cutter, clients have to take both equipment operating cost and acquisition cost into consideration. Low cost equipment with high cutting quality and efficiency is an ideal choice.

1. Operating cost
The operating cost of a waterjet cutter mainly includes the costs for abrasive, electricity, wearing parts, and equipment maintenance.

(1) Abrasive cost takes a large portion of the total operating cost. Hence, while purchasing a waterjet cutter, we recommend choosing the ones which can use the smallest amount of garnet abrasive to offer the highest cutting efficiency. Teenking waterjet cutting machines are equipped with a computer controlled abrasive feeder, ensuring minimized abrasive usage.

(2) Low wearing parts cost and low maintenance cost are also important factors.
Our equipment adopts wearing parts with optimized service life and usage efficiency, which enables users to achieve high cutting speed and quality with low cost.
Meanwhile, our water jet cutters are provided with detailed Usage Instructions, Troubleshooting Manual, as well as a video disk to offer high pressure pump maintenance and repairing information. This allows users to know better about our products, and ensures easy equipment operation and maintenance as well, thus reducing equipment failure and saving maintenance cost.

2. Acquisition Cost
Clients should choose waterjet cutting equipment with high price-performance ratio. A machine will easily lose it competitive advantage on the market if its acquisition cost is too high, in despite of its extremely high quality, fast cutting speed, and high cutting quality.
Teenking waterjet cutting machines can be acquired at competitive prices without any compromising on its cutting quality, due to the adoption of advanced 5-axis tilted cutting head.

Main Products
  • Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the auto abrasive delivery system, which has high a capacity of 100L or 200L and automatically supplies the abrasive for the cutting head.
    The fan cooling system is used to reduce the oil temperature to ensure normal operation of the water jet cutter.
    The chiller is used instead of fan cooling system to lower the inlet water temperature.
  • Gantry Platform CNC Water Jet Cutter The gantry platform CNC water jet cutter is available with a multipoint lubricating system, which is used to lubricate every moving joint of the TKW-CNC cutting platform, thus ensuring smooth cutting.
    The unique revolving dustproof design effectively protects the interior of the CNC cutting platform. This also helps prevent entry of abrasive dust and splashing water, so as to guarantee long service life of all moving parts.