We can send the electronic version of our product catalogue, recommend the appropriate model according to the materials to be cut and make the detailed offer for our customers. In addition, we can provide videos showing our production workshop and cutting process. We are also free to make a test cut of materials, as well as take a picture and record the relevant data. Upon request, we can return the cut samples to customers, but they should bear the freight.

Generally speaking, the machine comes with a normal production cycle of 45 days. Once an order is placed, we will arrange production in strict accordance with CE standard and the customer will be kept informed of the production schedule and the installation of key components through the video. After at least 72 hours trial run, the finished product will be delivered along with a test report.

We promise to answer customer questions within 24 hours. In addition, we offer a one-year quality warranty on our waterjet cutting machines, during which we provide replacement parts, free of charge. If necessary, we will send technicians abroad to solve problems for foreign customers. Customized design, free and on-the-spot installation and training, as well as OEM service are all available.

Purchase Guide

How to select appropriate water jet?
One waterjet cutting machine mainly consists of a numerical control cutting platform and a high pressure pump. There are many types of cutting platforms and high pressure pumps, and they can be combined freely.

Main Products
  • Gantry Platform CNC Water Jet Cutter The gantry platform CNC water jet cutter is available with a multipoint lubricating system, which is used to lubricate every moving joint of the TKW-CNC cutting platform, thus ensuring smooth cutting.
    The unique revolving dustproof design effectively protects the interior of the CNC cutting platform. This also helps prevent entry of abrasive dust and splashing water, so as to guarantee long service life of all moving parts.
  • Cantilever Platform CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Our cantilever platform CNC waterjet cutting machine has received two patents, with the patent number of ZL200820205793.0 and ZL200820205793.0 respectively. The former one refers to the long-screw aligning system, which is developed to keep the straightness of ball-screw and reduce the load of servomotor. In addition, the nut drive ball-screw design eliminates the resonance and sloshing due to high speed rotation of ball-screw, thus ensuring high speed cutting with good stability...