7mm high pressure tube
10mm high pressure tube
check valve outlet body
check valve repair kit
check vavle body
cover prop
Electronic reversing valve
end bell

End cup
Hand wheel
High pressure seals kit
HP Cylinder
HP seal fixed tube
HP swtich assembly
HP swtich assenmbly2
HP swtich
repair kit
Magnet sensor adjustment
Oil Cylinder
Oil seals kit
overflow valve

Seals of attenuator
shift sensor
Tube connectors
Main Products
  • Water Jet Cutting Ultra High Pressure System Our water jet cutting ultra high pressure system adopts USA SUNNY Company high-efficiency and high-precision electro-hydraulic reversing valve which can achieve noiseless reversing through minimizing the hydraulic impact by reversing. The valve also helps to maintain continuous stable pressure, thus ensuring smooth cut surface...
  • KMT Water Jet Cutting High Pressure Pump The KMT water jet cutting high pressure pump comes with high efficiency, high practicality, high bearing capacity and high cost performance. It is suitable for cutting any materials, not like pure water jet cutting that is only applicable to soft material, or abrasive cutting just for extremely-hard or friable material...