Teenking three-axis CNC control system
Teenking three-axis waterjet cutting CNC control system supports free-setting of the cutter height, and manual cutter height control during cutting. Adopting 3D programs, it also supports CNC control of the cutter height during operation. This cutting technology provides large space for users to do creative works.

Dual-pressure system
Dual-pressure systems are necessary for cutting glass and other fragile materials. One is a low pressure system for material piercing, and the other is a high pressure system for material cutting. The dual-pressure system design can avoid workpiece damage during piecing, and can also improve cutting efficiency. Our water jet cutters are equipped with a dual-pressure system as a standard. This eliminates clients' additional acquisition cost for the system, and satisfies users' demands on either low pressure or high pressure cutting.

Water level control system
Teenking waterjet cutter is designed with intelligent water level control function. When the machine starts cutting, it will automatically raise up the water level to achieve underwater cutting. This design effectively avoids noise generation, and reduces water splash.

Teenking 5-axis tilted waterjet cutting system
Common waterjet cutting machines always offer unqualified kerf, even when the equipment speed is lowered down. Equipped with a 5-axis tilted cutting head, Teenking waterjet cutter is able to create completely vertical or sloped cutting surface according to clients' demands. The high performance cutting head can completely satisfy users' demand on high cutting quality, and is a breakthrough in water jet cutting industry.

Teenking waterjet cutting machines have earned the European CE certification by HTS Inspection & Certification UK Limited, which approves reliable product safety of the electric and mechanical components. Meanwhile, our distributors in European countries have earned our products with a higher grade safety certification - the Germany TÜV certification. Additionally, our products come with overall waterproof and dustproof design.

Teenking waterjet cutter adopts the SIEMENS LOGO! to achieve intelligent star-delta starting and offer overall protection functions, including overhigh water or oil pressure protections, thermal overload or short circuit protection, water shortage protection, overhigh oil temperature protection, etc.

Our waterjet cutting machine is available with FLOW cutting head and America imported ACCU high efficiency cutting head. Under the same nozzle size, abrasive size, abrasive amount, and pressure conditions, the ACCU cutting head offers over 20% increase in cutting speed.

Our TRUMP range of waterjet cutter is equipped with a 50HP large flow high pressure pump, and the maximum nozzle diameter is up to 0.36mm (0.014"). With cutting pressure as high as 380Mpa, the equipment supports cutting with maximum abrasive flow up to 30kg/h. The total cutting power reaches 43HP (32kw). These, coupled with ACCU cutting head, provide our water jet cutter with a cutting speed comparable with or even higher than that of America imported FLOW equipment.

If available with a TRUMP dual-intensifier range of high pressure pump, Teenking machine's independent dual-cutting head can realize doubled cutting efficiency. Meanwhile, the operation is very convenient and flexible, as the starting of one or both of the cutting heads can be achieved via only one button.

Moreover, when only one cutting head is utilized, it can complete all cutting tasks in the entire cutting area; and the other cutting head will automatically retract to a safety position. When both of the cutting heads are utilized synchronously, the distance between them can be automatically set simply by inputting the value and pressing one button. This is the biggest advantage of our waterjet cutting equipment.

Low equipment operating cost
1. Low garnet abrasive cost
The costs for garnet abrasive and the electricity comprise a large portion of the total operating cost of a water jet cutting machine. Our water jet cutter requires very low garnet cost, as it can use the minimum amount of garnet abrasive to offer the maximum output.
The adoption of Computer Controlled Abrasive Feeder is the reason why our equipment requires only a small amount of abrasive.

2. Low wearing parts cost
Low wearing parts cost is as equal importance to low cost maintenance. Low wearing parts cost doesn't mean that our equipment uses cheap parts. All our water jet cutters adopt wearing parts with optimized service life and usage efficiency, ensuring high cutting speed and quality.

Competitive Acquisition Cost
While offering reliable performance, fast cutting speed, and high cutting quality, our equipment offers competitive price. This provides users with maximized benefits.

Control precision X, Y, and Z axis: 0.001mm
Max. repositioning precision X, Y, and Z axis: ±0.03mm
Max. cutting precision tolerance ±0.05mm (at 3m/min cutting speed)
Max. straightness accuracy of cutting surface ±0.03mm
Max. perpendicularity of cutting surface ±0.03mm/300mm

Even at a high cutting speed of 3000mm/min, our gantry type waterjet cutting platform offers X and Y axis deformation degree within ±0.05mm/m2, which ensures a very high cutting precision. Our equipment adopting five-axis tilted cutting head delivers a higher cutting precision. For instance, the perpendicularity tolerance is can be 0.01° which is much lower than that of a common piece of equipment (usually 0.9°).

The automatic lubrication system makes sure all lubrication points of our Teenking waterjet cutting machine can be lubricated timely, which ensures maximized equipment service life.

All the intensifier parts for our TKW420 and TKWs420 range of high pressure pumps are interchangeable with famous brand parts. This allows users to have wider range of replacement part selection. Currently, the popular high pressure pump types include FLOW, KMT, JET EDGE, OMAX, and more. The FLOW is one of the most commonly used types. The parts and intensifier assembly of FLOW series can be acquired from many international famous manufacturers or suppliers, such as KMT, ACCUSTREAM, IWP, and H2O. Our TKW420 and TKWs420 series are actually FLOW type high pressure pumps, offering highly stable operation.

During equipment design, we take the replaceability of all moving parts and electrical parts into consideration. Hence, all our waterjet cutting machines offer short downtime because of easy access to replacement parts.

Additionally, we offer technical supports anytime. We will help clients to solve any problem they encountered during equipment operation process.

All new users expect to offer high quality cuttings with simple operation. Teenking waterjet cutting machine's controller offers built-in options to ensure compatibility with varied cutting materials and material thickness, and also provides different cutting quality options. Users can achieve desired cutting quality by making some simple choices. Teenking Water Jet Company is one of the few manufacturers that can offer easy-to-use waterjet cutters.

The NC Editor for our equipment offers powerful functions, and features convenient use. It is provided free of charge, and clients can additionally apply for free software updating.

Complete Usage Instructions and Troubleshooting Manual are also available. The high pressure pump, the core part of our waterjet cutter, is provided with a video disk, which allows users to know more about the pump maintenance and repairing.

Main Products
  • Cantilever CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Our cantilever CNC waterjet cutting machine is equipped with the auto abrasive delivery system, which has high a capacity of 100L or 200L and automatically supplies the abrasive for the cutting head.
    The fan cooling system is used to reduce the oil temperature to ensure normal operation of the water jet cutter.
    The chiller is used instead of fan cooling system to lower the inlet water temperature.
  • Gantry Platform CNC Water Jet Cutter The gantry platform CNC water jet cutter is available with a multipoint lubricating system, which is used to lubricate every moving joint of the TKW-CNC cutting platform, thus ensuring smooth cutting.
    The unique revolving dustproof design effectively protects the interior of the CNC cutting platform. This also helps prevent entry of abrasive dust and splashing water, so as to guarantee long service life of all moving parts.